We believe children are natural learners, soaking up the world around them like sponges.  We share the image of children as being creative,resourceful, powerful, and capable human beings. 

Our learning environment invites their curiosity and the excitement of discovery in the areas of art, science, math, dramatic play, and music.  We encourage children to explore, touch, and experience the world around them.  "We follow children, not just plans."

Our curriculum is hidden within a fun atmosphere of play.  Children learn by playing.  Play is fun and does not put unnecessary pressure on children in the tender times of their lives.  We strive to help them build self-esteem through recognizing that every child is special and help each child feel "connected" to this big, big world of ours.

  • Growing up with friendships
  • Our goals for children are to learn meaningful skills that will help them throughout life.
  • Respecting and finding beauty in all people
  • Respecting all living creatures that we share our earth with.
  • Learning the importance of the daily routines of eating healthy, cleaning up as a team, and caring for themselves and the environment.

Children will be encouraged to truly explore their world - to be allowed to get really dirty, to ask questions and more questions, to which we, together, will find the answers to in books. Children are abundantly creative and we can foster that creativity by listening to their colorful stories of places and things imagined.  We provide children the freedom to express themselves to their heart's content.
"The process is learning"
You won't see handouts, perfect crafts, or any emphasis on the finished product.  Learning happens during the struggle, frustration, and truly delightful discoveries throughout the day.